Community Service

Karl H Menzies is proud to be among the many companies who are making a difference in Belize. For many years and through our support of numerous projects, we have supported community development & awareness, childcare and generally taken an interest in the improvement of Belize.

One of our most prominent community projects is the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre which gives abused, neglected and abandoned children in its care an opportunity to enrich their lives in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre (DMCCC) is a government-owned Belize children’s home and classified as a 24-hour residential care facility maintained by the Department of Human Services. The purpose of this children’s home is to provide time limited substitute family care for children until they may be reunited with their biological family or relatives or placed in accordance with the permanency plan (FACA 173/2000, s 124).

The Children

The children represent the many different cultural backgrounds found in Belize. The children come to the Centre for many reasons. Most of the children at the centre have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. These children need a loving and caring environment in which to grow and develop.

The Management

A Board of Governors, made up of caring individuals from the community, is appointed by the Ministry of Human Development, Women and Civil Society to assist with the smooth running of the Centre. The Board consists of ten members and has representation from the Ministry in the form of the Director of the Human Services Department, the Coordinator of the Family Services Division and the Foster Mother of the Centre. The other members represent the public, private, and business community.

The Board of Governors identifies and develops projects to enhance the quality of service offered to the children at the centre. The board is authorized and actively solicits funds for the financing of these projects.

The board is currently looking at enhancing the counselling and guidance offered to the centre by providing a full-time counsellor resident at the Centre to provide ongoing counselling and support to the children at the Centre.